Message from the Pay Equity Unit of the Canadian Human Rights Commission

16 Dec 2022

As you may know, Karen Jensen has recently left the Pay Equity Unit as she has been appointed Judge to Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice. We would like to acknowledge the outstanding work Commissioner Jensen has done over the last three years and congratulate her on her new role.

With Karen Jensen’s departure, the Pay Equity Unit is delighted to welcome Lori Straznicky as the new Federal Interim Pay Equity Commissioner. Commissioner Straznicky has dedicated her career to advancing workplace equity and fairness in various contexts. She played a key role in creating Canada’s Pay Equity Act and has extensive experience working and collaborating with stakeholders.

With this, Commissioner Straznicky looks forward to supporting the work of the Pay Equity Unit and she is eager to carry out the important mandate of advancing pay equity and addressing the gender wage gap in federal workplaces across Canada.

Updates from the Pay Equity Unit

New publications and resources

New publications are available on the Pay Equity Website of the Canadian Human Rights Commission:

Interpretations, Policies and Guidelines on subjects such as definition of employer and definition of non-unionized employees

Stay tuned for information about new publications on the Pay Equity Website by following the Pay Equity Unit on Twitter @FairPayCA.


1. The recording of the First Pay Equity Townhall is now available here
2. If you are a small to medium employer in Canada’s federal jurisdiction and are looking to start your pay equity plan, you can now access the Pay Equity Toolkit by clicking on the following link: Pay Equity Toolkit.