International Equal Pay Day 2022 - Can pay transparency measures help reduce the gender pay gap?

22 Sep 2022

The Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) used the occasion of International Equal Pay Day 2022 to highlight some of the pay transparency measures being implemented in different parts of the world, including various tools and responses to key questions. Leaders from different countries, as well as representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations took part in discussing the pros and cons of some of the pay transparency measures currently in place, its potential and actual effectiveness on reducing the gender pay gap, and consequently, broader gender inequalities in the labour market.

A video of the event and the animated video on pay transparency are available on EPIC YouTube channel.

Below you will find the links to all the documents shared in the chat during the event:

Igualdad de salarios entre hombres y mujeres – Igualdad salarial – Ley fácil – Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile (

Salary guide (

International Equal Pay Day: We need a new social contract to close the gender pay gap – International Trade Union Confederation (

Bringing Household Services Out of the Shadows: Formalising Non-Care Work in and Around the House | en | OECD | OCDE

Care at work: Greater investment in care could create almost 300 million jobs (

Home | Pay Equity (

Pay gap reporting in federally regulated private-sector workplaces –

Pay Equity for Small Business Do-It-Yourself Toolkit (

wcms_849209.pdf (

Pay Transparency Tools to Close the Gender Wage Gap | en | OECD